May Half term holiday in Sardinia.

San Teodoro – Sardinia was a good idea, no a VERY good idea, no who am I kidding…it was a GREAT idea for a half term holiday on a budget! Plane tickets are super cheap in Europe this is a known fact. It’s actually cheaper to travel to Sardinia than to rent a cottage in say Dorset for 5 days. We did the math 🙂

Things we did after landing in Olbia.

  1. Rented a car,
  2. Stopped by in Auchan to get some groceries. I was blown away by the Gluten Free Isle. I thought I died and went to a gluten free heaven that’s how massive the selection of pastas and cookies and bread was 🙂 Lets just say we didn’t leave empty handed that day.
  3. Our Resort had self catering option or you could dine in their restaurant. We chose self catering because it’s really hard eating out with my Celiac. We did eat out few nights though, sea food a is safe option for me and there is no lack of sea food on this Blue Zoned Island.




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