Mlini Croatia – a perfect Family Friendly spot outside Dubrovnik!

If you were looking for a family friendly place to stay outside Dubrovnik look no further. Mlini, Croatia is only 15 min boat or car ride away from Dubrovnik. And trust me you would want to be AWAY….it’s too crowded and in hot Croatian temperatures you’d want to be by the beach or pool all day. Unless you’re like us and must see (no matter what) historic places when on holiday. We are massive Game of Thrones fans so the thought of visiting Kings Landing (they filmed many scenes of the series in Dubrovnik) was more than exciting.



Mlini Bay is a great place to stay, with its stunning and plentiful beaches and pretty little harbor – It has a nice selection of restaurants and cozy bars plus water taxi’s to Dubrovnik Old Town and the sandy beaches of the Elafiti Islands – Mlini also has a dive center if you are restless!

The good thing about Mlini is that it has everything and there is no need to move if you don’t want to 😆– you can also catch a bus, water taxi or cab easily into the old town of Dubrovnik so there are plenty of options. –




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