5 Tricks for traveling with 2 children like a Pro.

  1. Pack your snacks! I can’t stress it enough – it will safe your life.

We always pack a mix of healthy snacks and let’s say healthy-ish snacks. You be the sensible judge what’s best for your child. I trust you. It keeps our girls fueled up and saved us in multiple situation when a toddler didn’t feel like sitting with her seatbelt on during take off (those things were not programmed to stay still for more than a split second were they?) . Snack and …number 2! No not that kind of number two.

2. Ipod full of Peppa Pig.

Or any other kid friendly content. We love Daniel Tiger for it’s educational values on how to handle many (tough for parents and toddler) situations.

3. My secret weapon. 12 hugs a day – research shows that hugs are essential for child’s wellbeing. Through this underappreciated little gesture you are going to reconnect with your offspring and make your day go smoother. Trust.

4. Joe and the Juice (they should sponsor this post…maybe one day). This is our go to place at the airport. Girls love getting a healthy smoothie and spin the tables to pass the drink to each other. Game and a snack? Incredible value.

5. Stop by at the book shop at the airport. There is nothing like getting a new coloring books, magazines with toys, princess jewelry in them or books. It just makes the trip more special. You’re on a holiday believe it or not! Live a little.

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