Breathtaking Beach and Amusement Park Day trip from London

Botany Bay Beach and Margate’s Dreamland as a perfect Day Out from London.


Heads up! If you arrive at the beach and after a quick look go: ‘nah! lets get out od here’. Stop right there! Give it a minute for ocean vibes to synch in, the natural flow of beach fun to unfold. After snapping a few pics by our newly established camp I went with the girls to look for the  crabs.

We haven’t found any, but we really enjoyed ourselves. Olivia was so cute making all the ‘furniture’ arrangements (putting seaweed, seashells and sand) for potential crabs to come in and enjoy her bucket. 


-Beautiful white cliff beaches (on your right hand side) you can walk from one to another, just be sure to come out on time before low tide will cut you off.

-Up and coming Margate is located just next to Botany Bay. Dreamland was so fun today. Highlights:

-We bought wristbands and enjoyed few rides.

-Best Margaritas in Margate were sure really refreshing!

-DJ played really good music that created this very relaxing beach holiday vibe.

-Massive ROBOT statue in Dreamland didn’t feel left out that’s for sure. Run, climb and slide were very popular actions among our girls and other children.

CONS: toilets at Botany Bay are a challenging bit to put it nicely…just keep that in mind 🙂

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