About Me.

Exploration is the best Education. This is something I believe. It is something my mom exposed me to since early age and this is something I am passing to my girls.

Growing up in St. Petersburg Russia my mom always took us places. They were weekend day trips to museums like Hermitage and Peterhoff. Places like that were my playgrounds early in life. So it is super exciting to me that our girls have similar type of playgrounds just with a royal twist.

We didn’t travel abroad though. Olivia (7) thinks it’s because there were no airplanes back then. I like her version way better than the communism to blame.

We are a Russian (I am proud to be from St. Petersburg) Polish (Tom, my husband is from Krakow, Poland) & American (Olivia born in Connecticut where we lived for a big part of our life)  family based in London and our girls get to have Royal & Historic places as their playground on daily basis. Amazing 🙂

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